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Mosa has been called a “MathMagician” because of her decades of creating center-focused drawings, which she calls “Enter the Center.”  In 2013 she discovered and fell in love with fractals and became a digital painter. She calls her work “Food for the Quickening,” awakening the viewers to an elevated sense of beauty and joy in themselves. As an echo of nature’s geometry, fractals can be complex yet striking. Mosa also works with photographs, mirroring and collaging to create unique, compelling images. 

All fractal paintings are giclée prints on canvas in up to four sizes.  

Check out the fractals in the slide show below. You can let the show play or stop it and navigate at your own pace with scroll arrows or thumbnails. Then purchase one at the SHOP. 

Perfect for decoration or meditation.



But wait, there's more. Now you can have Mosa's original fractal designs on clothing and everyday objects!

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