Mosa Zone
An array of Mosa's tiny crochet amulet/keepsake pouches.


Pick your fave animal, nature scene or motif to protect your crystal or amulet. 

Each one-of-a-kind 1-inch-wide by 1.5-inch-long cotton pouch is hand-crocheted with a tiny hook. Each features a Mosa-created image. Closes with a drawstring cord long enough to wear around neck. Wear as a pendant or carry in a pocket. 

Each amulet/keepsake pouch is made to order for you by Mosa.

1. Choose your design below. 

2. Click on picture to reach the CONTACT page.  Message Mosa to begin your order and let her know which one/ones you have chosen.  

3. Hop to the SHOP & add 1 (or however many you are ordering) to cart and purchase.

View the NITTY GRITTY for more details. 

$30 each.