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Sounding on Purpose

This is a workshop for anyone with a voice, from accomplished singers to those with shy voices. This is an experiential and fun workshop that introduces the transformative power of sound and some of the many ways to discover the healing power of your own voice. Sounding on Purpose workshop offers a safe place to honor one’s own sound, to realize that there’s no such thing as a bad voice, to break ‘sound barriers,’ to explore the power of healing within and to discover the alchemical wonders of singing/sounding in community with others.

What Folks Are Saying:
“Mosa's workshops are some of the most enjoyable I've ever attended. I've learned to let my voice loose, experiment, vocalize in ways I never thought of and get over my fears and the old nasty messages about how I can't sing. I've already been to three of them, each better than the last. I hope to attend many more and I highly recommend them.”
—S.W. MI

“I loved hearing all our voices swell into one great, true harmony that moved and jelled until it was no longer the sounds of twenty individuals, but the prayer of a powerful and loving community.”
—D.N. TX

“I had thought the workshop would be about singing, but it was never just singing. Even when the workshop did work with song, it was not singing in any way I had known it before. Instead it was exploring how sound, words and voice, my own and others’, blend and vary to create spheres of sound. The experience was so other worldly that it’s really hard to put into words how holy it felt; at the same time it was a great deal of fun.” —S.F. MO

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